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HR is often mocked as the "Holidays & Rangoli" function. Last night, while watching the renowned American sitcom “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” for the zillionth time, it came to me the one thing common between HR and Mr. Chandler Muriel Bing. For many of us, it is yet a secret what Mr. Bing actually does for a living and just know that he has a great job. This is exactly the case for HR professionals where mystery and myths surround their role. Rather than explaining what they do, it would be logical to mention what 'they do not' by busting some common Myths surrounding the HR function.

Myth 10. “We’ll get back to you! & We’ll let you know!”

These jargons are not a synonym for “Okay, Bye! See you never.” A lot of times they actually get back to you and let you know about your candidature. This is because you are a deserving candidate and they need time to screen through all the deserving ones.

Myth 9. Want a raise? Become friends with HR.

HRs are not breathing paychecks! They are responsible to ensure that the paychecks adhere to the remuneration process and completely align with the company’s compensation policy. It’s saddening, but buttering an HR would not lead to any increment and/or promotion.

Myth 8. HR department only cares about the organization.

Though HRs have a responsibility towards the organization, they are not the fun police. They are not only concerned with the compliances and rule books but also work on protecting the best interest of all the stakeholders, not just the organization.

Myth 7. HR is a therapist.

HR personnel is responsible to follow up on the complaints/issues that violate the laws/policies of the organization. This doesn’t mean HR is a free alternative to therapy. Unlike actual therapists, they do not guarantee confidentiality.

Myth 6. HR is for the ones who didn’t get into marketing/sales or finance domains.

First of all, an organization is way more than just three functioning departments. Secondly, the HR domain is not this inferior! This area of specialization is for the ones who specifically long to be professionals holistically. Can you name a domain that promotes a positive work environment and takes care of the organization and the employees at the same time?

Myth 5. HR’s job is just to maintain databases.

We cannot neglect the fact that HR is responsible for maintaining documentation, policies, and procedures as a part of legal compliance. It wouldn’t be fair if we don’t recognize their role in implementing theory to practice. Be it recruitment, training and development, or employee engagement, they protect the organization by ensuring document-directed processes are followed efficiently.

Myth 4. HR does not understand the business of its organization.

HR does not work independently. In fact, a deep understanding of their business helps them in recognizing the need for talents. In order to be effective at hiring, promoting, training and terminating, etc., they must know what are the strategic, business, and functional goals of the organization.

Myth 3. HR will become obsolete pretty soon.

With the advancement in technologies and self-service tools, various functions of HR have become automated. However, with newer investments in AI and HR Technology, there would still be a need to preserve the “Human Intelligence” to ensure the proper functioning of the organization.

Myth 2. HR loves firing.

When a piece of clothing no longer fits you, you replace it with a new one. To what so ever degree you are attached to that piece, you have to let it go because it no longer serves the purpose. That doesn’t mean you love throwing things away!

Myth 1. HR exists to make Rangolis :)

If one of the prime functions of an HR department is to make Rangoli, we just discovered an artistic side of the Human Resources Department. I don’t wish to bust such a beautiful myth associated with HR, rather I would strive to find the logic behind such association.

Relating Rangoli to the HR function helps us appreciate their real role and collaborate better.

✿The festive season of Diwali is here and the beautiful designs of Rangoli warm up the entrance of our homes & workplace. HR is similarly the welcoming gate for new enterants to an organization.

✿The center of a rangoli is the core of the entire design. Similarly, HR is the founding stone of the entire organization structure.

✿Each petal of a rangoli intersects with the other and meets at the center. Each department of an organization likewise is intertwined with the HR department.

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