7 steps -Creating a GVP Gig Value Proposition

7 steps to creating a Gig Value Proposition

You may know one, be one or manage a Gigger

5 Min Read | Vikramjit Singh Sahaye 10 December, 2018
Gig economy is already here and its adoption brings an Opportunity to do things differently. Businesses need to create a GVP, Gig Value Proposition to attract, engage & retain quality giggers & here's how to get started Read More
Emotions running wild in a Job interview

Emotional rollercoaster during a Job interview

Job interviews can switch Emotions ;)

3 Min Read | Zineb 25 November, 2018
Getting through a job interview might be the most thrilling & frightening phase of your job hunt. Whether you’re applying for a junior position or a senior one, the job interview experience is an emotional Whiplash! Read More

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