10 reasons why you should be using a placement agency
“A Company That Values it’s Time, is a Company That Succeeds”
A company was looking for an employee in operations. The HR team of the company posted an advertisement about their requirement. Soon, the mail id was flooded with responses from all over. The company could not decide on how to go about the screening process with so many responses and also since it was an urgent requirement, it became a herculean task for the company to go through, possibly, hundreds of applications for a job. No company would invest so much time and energy sorting hundreds of profile and here comes the importance of placement agencies.
Lets see 10 reasons as to how using a placement agency can benefit you as an employer.
Knowledge of the market
Without any doubt, placement agencies have a good knowledge of the market. They are aware about the talent available, where they are and how to reach them, career expectations and current hiring complexities. They are well aware of the fact that amongst the hundreds of fish in a lake, companies look for the best ones only.
Extended research
There are some candidates who are hard to find and they may not respond to job advertisements. There are chances that they may have relationships with trusted specialist recruiters and there is a strong chance that a good placement agency will know who they are and how to reach them. Placements agencies have many networks. These agencies help the company connect to candidates or people with a range of skills and experiences. They will manage the process smoothly – compared to in-house staff who may be inexperienced in best practice procedures.
Saves time
It is true that using a placement agency helps you save time. The initial stages of sorting through applications and the entire hiring process can be very tiring with so many people applying for the same position. Giving a recruitment agency the task of creating a shortlist of candidates for a position in a company is a good business sense. They will schedule interviews: you only have to prepare and turn up. They will deal with all administrative issues such as: all communications with applicants, including notifying unsuccessful ones and providing feedback; and verifying candidate information.
Best talent
Recruitment agencies may also have access to the best candidates. This will definitely benefit the company as the placement agencies may have some of the best talent already registered on their books. This means that company can find perfect candidates at the earliest of time.
Hiring the most suitable ones only
We know there are many levels to a hiring process, be it sorting applications, interviewing or screening. It is the duty of placement agencies to take care of all these steps before the final interview by the employer. This gives the employer peace of mind that the person that they are interviewing has already passed the necessary checks and is a suitable candidate. Hence, this gives the employers the security that the candidate should be a good fit for the company.
Longrun relations
Once the placement agency has found a successful candidate for the company, the company will feel confident that they will be able to do so again in the future. So, a recruitment agency can be used repeatedly. This helps build professional relationships in the long run.
Recruitment companies to build in their credibility will give their best and not disappoint the employers. To establish that relationship of trust and confidence, these placement agencies will hire the best of candidates. Hence, it is always a good choice to hire a placement agency.
Employer branding
We know how company invest a lot of time and money in employer branding. Employer branding is one of the best ways to attract potential candidates. A good placement agency can give these potential candidates a real insight in to your business by briefing them about your company. These agencies can help you in employer branding by introducing your company in detail to the candidates – what is it like to work there,benefits and career oppurtunities etc
Easier Background Checks
As an employer, verifying the education, employment history and criminal background of your potential employees is a step you can’t skip. Unfortunately, it also takes a significant amount of time to run the reports and verify all of the information. If you use a recruiting agency, the agency often does this step for you, freeing up your time for other things.
No Need to Advertise
Once you hire a placement agency, there is no need to advertise. Usually, companies advertise about the job openings in newspaper and online ads. Recruiting agencies take care of this for their clients. They get the word out that you’re looking for new employees and handle the influx of resumes. If privacy is a concern, an agency can keep the name of your company anonymous until the last steps of recruitment. So, majority of the work is done by such recruitment agencies.
According to reports by ISIC 7491, over 2016-2020 industry expected to be driven by continuing shortage of skilled workers and growing job creation in the country. Recruitment agencies are responsible for more than 70% of the total revenue in the past two years.
Learning the advantages of an employment agency can lead to a new business model for your company. Rather than allowing a job to languish or expecting other employees to pitch in to pick up the slack, a call to an employment agency can bring a quick solution to your employee problem. They not only are a quick solution but also a reliable one. They save time, money and energy. What else does a company want, isn’t it?
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