Sometimes, simple expectations can get in the way of us living our life. When we expect one thing, and something else is presented to us; it can be disheartening and disappointing. This is somewhat the same situation we face when we take our first step in the corporate world, "The first day of your very first job". Fresh out of college; you have gone through the stressful process of campus recruitment. There are many reasons why a candidate chooses to join a particular job, whether it’s due to campus hiring or they’re simply switching jobs. Upon receiving the job placement after hard preparation and competition, there is an added pressure to impress. Challenges, deadlines, making allies, networking, managing people, making important decisions and etc, we step into the corporate world with so many notions in our head, with so much energy and enthusiasm, however it becomes apparent that everything is not as black and white as it seems. We often let our expectations ruin the experience.

That's where it all begins, the fight to reach the top!
We enter into the office and hope to be greeted and welcomed. However it is always good to be prepared for an uncomfortable situation in the beginning. In many cases, new employees find it hard to cope with the workload and stress without a support system
If you are a new employee, no matter the position you hold in the firm, the reality is, most of the organizations have weak employee on-boarding systems. They may not be aware of your potential, even though someone from HR might have read your resume, interviewed you and be aware about your skills; it doesn’t necessarily mean they ensure that you have a smooth transition to your new position. Furthermore, they might not have much confidence in you. This is really normal. It’s always said that the most difficult parts of any job are in the beginning days. It’s okay not to receive much attention initially.

Many organizations have a formal employee onboarding process but due to poor implementation techniques and lack of efforts, it may not be as effective as intended. Therefore it should every employee’s objective to become known in the workplace; this could be through simple gestures such as interacting with your peers, senior managers. However, a desperate attempt is always easily noticeable and is even worse. Researchers have claimed that the feeling of being left out in a new workplace gives rise to stress and reduces the zeal to work.

Nevertheless, it’s the sole duty of the firm to make sure that the new employee feels comfortable and eventually will be able to work with his/her full potential. There are a lot of on-boarding methods which most of the companies use; however, the bottleneck is the effectiveness.  Here are a few suggestions to incorporate some new onboarding practices from the employer’s point of view to reduce stress:

Welcome employees in a new way

Employee "Onboarding" has always been the most important first step to induction. Apart from sending messages and emails, some new ways of welcoming are coming into picture these days are such as showing video of the top executives welcoming the employee personally on the projector screen in the office or even sending the video to the employee personally. This has proved to be a motivating start for newcomers. Netflix is known well for incorporating this. In fact, in Netflix, top executives, including CEO Reed Hasting likes to meet all new hires personally.

Website for new hires

Creating a new website portal from where they can learn about the culture and structure of the organization. In some of the firms, it is also used as putting up the task update from the new hires.  Completing all the formalities and paperwork can also be facilitated from these portals even before the employee joins. This method is called pre-boarding and saves a lot of trouble for the new bird.

Zappos is famous for its effective onboarding practices using technology a tool to train and look for its new employees. It also pays an additional amount of $2000 to every new employee after four months of joining. Surprisingly, not even 1% of the new hires have left.

Organizing events

By organising events regularly where all the new employees can meet old employees and leaders is quite effective. By letting your employees mingle in an unofficial setting, employers also increase work-place happiness and employees appreciate work-place mixers where they can interact with co-workers

For new employees, it may be quite stressful to adjust to a new job; and this stress may continue for the duration of their employment if firms do not make workplace happiness a priority. There are several tips for an employee to handle stress and Relax.

Stress can be Killing! Sometimes, literally. Work stress can be accuried to several reasons such as Wages, Management style, Interpersonal skills, Roles, etc. which are aspects Employers need to very carefully manage.

Take a few minutes every day, or whenever you are feeling over-whelmed. It always helps step back and handle Stress, objectively.
  • Go for a walk
  • Listen to music
  • Avoid over-tasking yourself
  • Communicate with your co-workers/manager
  • Prioritize and organize

It costs approximately $300 billion per year for employers to provide stress related health care and missed work days.

Not only does this show why workplace happiness should be a priority to every employer, it shows the ineffectiveness of employee on-boarding systems in some cases. 76% of people stated that money and stress as a leading cause of stress.

Stress not only affects an individual at the work-place, it distorts their entire day to day life. By not giving enough focus on stress at workplace, employers are often inviting their employees to leave the firm. 60% of employees are so unhappy in their current jobs, that they would prefer leaving it for a new career.

At the end of the day, we should firmly believe that no matter how stressful adjusting to a new environment or coping with the workload is; “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another”. Kelly McGonigal, a famous health psychologist, says that stress can be as bad and as helpful for our efficiency as we may think it is. She talks about using stress as our friend rather than our enemy. Studies conducted by The Harvard University reveals that people who took stress as a body mechanism which prepares the body to handle worse conditions lived a healthier life than people who thought of getting rid of it. So, it is suggestible that we should hold ourselves together, abstain from negativity, keep doing our tasks honestly, make friends and very soon, the same new and strange place will start feeling like home.
“A bad start doesn't mean a bad journey and it definitely doesn't mean a bad end” :)
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