Selecting the best applicants is fundamental to any organization's prosperity these days and loads of energizing tools have been made to help them to source and supply the key ability. Despite that choosing the most suitable tool to fulfil the organisation’s particular prerequisites is alot of work for the employers.There are limitless tools to provide promising candidates – either through web-based social networking or from various employment entrances, referrals, offices or with the help of ATS framework. 
40% of individuals mingle more online than they do eye to eye, 100,000 tweets are sent, 2 million inquiries are looked on Google and 684,478 bits of posts are shared on Facebook consistently. Lately, more than 90 percent of recruiters are using social networking platforms to identify, engage and retain ideal employees.

 Let’s explore the key advantages of using social media in the process of recruitment:
1. You can reach the passive candidates -When you advertise your vacancies strictly using job portals, you’re limiting your reach to only those people who are searching for new roles. Social media can act like is a great tool for tapping into those sought-after pool of potential candidates who aren’t actively seeking a new role but would be open to change if they get a better opportunity to come along. 

2. Showcases your company’s culture - Your company website and careers site is the ideal places to holler about your values and how great you are as an employer. Though, not as many companies use their Twitter feed and LinkedIn company page to share photos of their team, neither they update their followers with news nor communicate about their most recent vacancies. It’s only when you start sharing this kind of content on your social media accounts, it will reach the right people, who are already following your company. And to those who are not following but read your posts. Such people can act as brand advocates for your company
3. Increases Job Visibility - Facebook has over 1.35 billion active users, Twitter hosts job search chats, and Gen Zers are using LinkedIn. Your potential candidates are social! Using social media to broadcast your job posts, makes them more visible and increases your odds of reaching top talent. You can also share vacancies within LinkedIn Groups, as there are thousands of professional groups for particular job sector.
 4. Improves Quality of Hire - 59% of recruiter’s have rated candidates sourced from social networks as “highest quality.” This statistic makes a lot of sense, as social media allows recruiters to be more target oriented and quickly fill in their job posts. With Facebook you can target candidates by demographic, interests, skills, and even by peer group. LinkedIn is awe-inspiring for targeting based on work history, and Twitter’s search is perfect for sourcing candidates based on interest.
5. Better Employer Brand Awareness - Not only does social recruiting increase the visibility of employer brand, it also strengthens it. Establishing a strong social presence not only creates a brand name it also creates trust and attracts potential candidates. 
6. More Referrals - Referrals are the most favoured source of hiring.  According to a survey, employee referrals lead to better quality hires, and improves retention rates as well. Employers must encourage their staff members to reach out to their peers through social platforms and share links to the jobs posted online. This simplifies the referral process and lead to an increase in the referrals made.
7. Engages Employees - Posting jobs to your company’s social media platforms and encouraging employees to spread the word around makes them active participants in your hiring policy. The same applies for encouraging them to interact and comment on your social career page too.
8. Reduces Cost to Hire - Social recruiting isn't free. But transaction costs related to recruiting in case of social recruiting are anytime lower in comparison to other hiring sources. For example - Running a Facebook Ad for your recruitment campaign will cost you less to reach a larger audience than many traditional newspaper advertisements and famous job boards.
9. Opens the Door to Engagement - Social media allows you to connect, and engage with people you might never come into contact with in “real life.” Many traditional recruiters fear that social recruiting means less face-to-face interaction with candidates. But, when used right, social networking is just another way to assist more personal interactions. Conversations that start on Facebook or LinkedIn lead to phone calls, then interviews, then expectantly, your next winning hire!
It’s most likely that you might have already started using social platforms to recruit, but keep these benefits in mind when you are planning your move. Capitalise on all these benefits that social platforms have to offer. 

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