Anyone around the world can confidently tell that a person must be educated and qualified to bag a decent job. With more emphasis given to education, all most a considerable majority are given access to education.  Have you been in a job interview where you were totally qualified for the job but still you were denied of that opportunity? Yes, almost a whole lot may recollect some acrimonious memories. Belonging to a society which is becoming competitive to an unimaginable extent, it is always onerous to compete with people and show the employers that you are the one who is eligible for the job. A new trend of hiring a person has put fourth big confusions: How did he get the job when im more qualified? 

Well, a simple quote may solve these doubts. "Attitude Matters". A person may have more grades, may have done Internships in huge reputed companies but may still loose to someone who has none of them. This is a new requirement which every employer looks on you and your body language rather than a piece of paper. Here are some more ways to ace an interview!

There has been a thirst for diplomacy and confidence amongst the employees who have proven to be more efficient in tackling any difficult situations which they may face. So when we take a look at some simple statistics, we may find out that of the ones who have been hired, only a 19 % of them will last for a longer period while the other 46% of them will be asked to leave within 18 months. And also that the a huge majority of them are being fired due their so called "Attitude" ( low temper, poor communication skills, handling the pressure and managing to be a part of their social circle). And to our surprise, only 11 percent of them loose their job due to lack of technical skills.
But that does not imply that qualification has no importance as it also plays a major role in sculpting your attitude. At all situations, education and being qualified is the untold gateway to gain anything which goes long way even if it is attitude. 
"Education leads to qualification and your attitude bridges the gap between success and failures"
So as we spoke that qualification and attitude go together, you may wonder " Am i too late to improve my attitude? Well certainly not. It's just an acquired trait and as everyone says "it's never too late to learn anything" and we certainly learn from our failures and this is the opportunity given to sculpt our way of thinking and so on. So let's look at some pointers as to how we can acquire or develop our attitude.
1) Stay Calm
The most important aspect of improving our attitude is to stay calm and not lose our cool in any situation. The most striking feature which can amaze anyone including your boss is your way of handling your work pressure.
"Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, bringing us closer to destiny"
2) Diplomacy comes a long way 

Adjusting to your work atmosphere, and working hard on your clients to keep up with the rapport has always proven to be of profound importance. And always Remember, when we offer some degree of adjustment and be more inclined, it brings a lot of positive effect on your image and attitude.

3) Be Unique

One of the main aspects when it comes to attitude is "your uniqueness". Always be yourself and stand for your principles and also be true to what you believe. People always admire others who stay strong for what they believe even if it seems wrong. This mainly reflects your attitude making you a unique one from your lot of people.

4) Attitude - It can make or break you!

As the caption suggests, it can make you and also break you. We know that a charming attitude can bring wagons of luck and chances on your recruitment but you should also make sure that this should not come in your way of building a healthy relationship in your work atmosphere. Remember, your EGO should never come in the way of your career.

5) Be Positive

Always ensuring to be a part of a healthy environment with good vibes will ensure that you can face any situation without letting negativity come in your way. This ensures an overall development in addition to your professional life. "A bunch of ruined apples also ruin the good ones", likewise few pessimists may also infect you with their disease.

6) Never Give up

No one likes a person who gives up easily, especially the corporate and MNC companies whose job profile mostly expects people who can convince their clients and also not give up easily on them. A statistics states that 92% of a lot do not achieve their goals as they give up too easily. If you want to be one in the left over 8%, then NEVER GIVE UP easily.

7) Express yourself well 

Last but not the least, the way you present/express yourself matters the most when you want to make a good impression. You may be highly qualified to the extent that you are the master in that skill but when you don’t present yourself efficiently, you will always be misconstrued as the loser. 
When education was a hurdle, attitude never came into light but as it is more accessible by almost everyone, it is attitude which brings your qualification in the spotlight. So in a nutshell, it's not just qualification which can get you the job, but you also need an attitude which highlights or enlightens your qualification. It's your attitude which can land you in a job or also throw you out of one. Always remember, little attitude never hurts.

"Attitude is a small thing which makes a big difference!"
-Winston Churchill
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