Do you feel complete with my current job? Do you wish to change anything about it? If these are the questions running in your mind, then it means that at some point or the other you do not feel to be a part of a satisfactory job. So, few of the vital signs which we may look upon to assure the fact may be less pay cheque, role below your profile and the last but the most contributing factor is  work enviornment. We may really love our job but the people around you may bug you to extent which makes you hate the job.

Basically our work space can also be divided into two types which are:-
1) Encouraging enviornment 
2) Demeaning enviornment 

Scientific studies show that work environment is directly related to mood disorders and other dangerous health issues which may even result in suicide. Some of the notable outcome or side effects of being in a unhealthy work environment may include stress, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, bi-polar disorder and the worst case may even be suicide which leads to less involvement in work, tending to take more off at work, errors in decision making, losing the zest for life and so on.
A survey says that a majority of work population face issues related to a negative atmosphere in their workspace and it also reveals that 5% of these working population break due to intolerance and fall prey to severe mood disorders where 2% of them face bipolar disorders and 7% of them fall into major depression and insomnia disorders. It is more likely for a person to break rather than handling the pressure due to the negativity in their work space.

The few signs which we may look upon a person who may belong to the first category or the healthy environment are:-

1) Good friend circle

May it be school, college or work, a good bunch of friends always play a important role in developing the continued interest to go to work. A jovial chit chat in the middle of a hectic schedule lightens the stress that is caused due to the work compulsion. Make sure that you socialize more with people as this will get you familiar with the troubles they face in their work life and you may get indirect but reliable solutions to the suffocation you face with your work life. Study shows that 42% of the working population maintain a healthy relationship with their colleagues are less likely to be affected by stress and other mental disorders.
"Friends/colleagues even in work space may turn boring work to joyful perk"
2) Appreciation and encouragement.

You may have great ideas for the betterment for your company, or have taken enormous effort to prove your talent but it all goes to drain when people around who may be your HR or boss or co-workers do not care enough to praise you for coming up with such useful ideas.All the enthusiasm, passion and involvement towards your work dies within yourself. The more you learn to appreciate others and serve as their moral support, the double they come to you after all even appreciation comes with a give and take policy.
"Don't forget, a person's greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated"
-H. Jackson Brown
3) Promotions and perks

Promotion is like the candy you deserve to taste after some continuous and enormous amount of dedication you give to your job after a specific time period. When we put all our effort together it is always fair and normal to expect something in return. Perks are those small gifts you get for the sincerity and can also be taken as the token of appreciation for all the hard work and perseverance.  The feeling of being promoted and given the right appraisal is the best antidote for the stress.
4) Lack of Recognition

Being known for what you do is  everything a professional would seek. When you be recognized in your space for your innovations, suggestions, a new type of vibe or energy seems to evolve leading to a need to work even harder to maintain this recognition as no one would like to go a step down to what they have reached so far.But the problem of being the least noticed person or falling prey to stolen recognition is common in almost all places as people have become more competitive and greedy that they never hesitate to take credit which belongs to someone else.
 "People work for money but never hesitate to go an extra mile for the recogonition."
-Dale Carnegie
5) Rapport with HR/boss

The most important aspect of a healthy work environment is to be in the good books of your higher officials ranging from a HR to the boss as it is always important to be having a positive character certificate which directly controls your healthy work atmosphere. A note to always keep in mind is to strive to be the perfect employee to your boss or you will an obvious candidate who comes in his hit list and will be subjected to scrutiny irrespective of your efficiency and perfection.

So, we have seen few indicators of a healthy and stress-free work environment and to sum up all, the only possible way to make sure you belong to one of these is to make a quick study of your work life and normal life and check whether they are pulling you towards success or depression. If you feel that you are stuck in a job which is costing a life-long emptiness, it may be high time you come out of the box and start looking for the right gig which ignites you and your passion which in turn create a positive impact on both dimensions of your life. 
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