"Hidden in each of us is a secret person, often unknown even to ourselves." - Dr. Jean Wolf


Like the Moon, we all have our dark sides but unlike the Moon, we often try to conceal it. It is natural to want to hide a few things about ourselves from potential employers. Searching for a new job from the desk of your current employer? Celebrating yet cannot post pictures on social media since you are on sick leave? Guilty about keeping any of these things a secret? One shouldn’t be anymore because employers keep a few secrets themselves. Here are some of the sneakiest secrets employers keep from their employees:

1. You are being cyberstalked

Employers need to know the genuine side of their employees in addition to the side they uncover during the interviews. They frequently do a careful google search of the employees alongside their social media handles. They even reach out to past employers to get an unmistakable image of the employees. Assuming everything is observed normal as the employer expected, the employee gets a green card.

2. Open-ended questions aren’t open for wrong answers

For employers, there is always a right and a wrong answer even in the open-ended questions. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What kind of work environment brings out the best in you? These questions do have the right answer. All the answers that don’t make an employee a good fit for the job and company’s culture are the wrong answers.

3. Personality can make or break your chances in the interview

We no longer live in a world where we get a job based on our merit or credentials. Recruiters look for nearly everything right from the second an applicant strolls into the room, their punctuality, their handshake and even their Weight! In the end, employers make their final hiring decision based on which candidate they like the most as a person. Unbelievable but true!

4. Employees can trick the hiring system but not the employers

Most companies use ATS (Application Tracking System) to screen resumes in the initial stages of the hiring process. ATS looks for specific keywords in the resume based on the job description and gives scores accordingly. Resumes with the majority of the keywords get the highest score and end up being shortlisted. Having a good guess of the keywords can help an employee in getting shortlisted in the initial stages, but cannot guarantee a job offer.

5. The initial offering is usually an unrealistically low bid

Employers do not want to pay their employees a penny more than what they actually have to. At the time of salary negotiation, employers smartly start off with the highest bid. Therefore, employees should be aware of their self-worth and the value of the job. In this way, employees will be able to negotiate a higher bid.

6. Employers hire for fit and fire for fit

If employers hire primarily on the basis of skills and experience, there are chances that the turnover rates will be high. Nowadays, employers hire for fit and train for skills. An employee can be trained for a set of new skills but if the employee doesn’t fit the organization, he/she may prove disastrous to the organization.

Employers may seem intimidating at times, but they work for the interest of both the organization and its employees. They want to deliver the best recruitment experience to all the employees but there are a few things they just cannot share. However, the HR department differs from organization to organization and we cannot generalize the secrets with all the HR departments around the world.

And like they say, "Don't expect me to be the same. I work in HR"

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