Hiring a potential talent among the bulk of candidates who are gushing to achieve the required position is definitely a difficult task, simultaneously increasing the pressure on the recruiters that tend to increase the costs for the company.

In a fast-track recruitment process often the candidate is hired that doesn’t fit for the position and that may lead to failure in work management or increase in dissatisfaction and absenteeism.


Hiring employees must be rightful and unbiased by eliminating any factors that tend to discriminate them either based on language, religion, race, sex, or recommendation. If an employee is hired based on these factors it does not create equality i.e., the employer sets his mind occupied for a certain applicant and he/she will ultimately create rejection for other candidates.

Employers need to focus more on hiring potential, qualified, skilled personal rather than based on any favoritism or discrimination. The hiring panel must be neutral on making decisions to hire the rightful candidate. The interview process should be same for all the job-seekers to maintain equality.

In an interview process, often behavioral patterns are influenced rather than paper or speech. Two of the assumptions in hiring process is that females value their personal lives more over work or do not match male’s decision-making abilities; this act leads to losing potential candidates.


Rejecting the applicant has a severe impact on their further capability to apply for another job. Often employers tend to reject applicants based on the assumption that the candidates who are new to the position or disabled do not possess the ability to handle pressure or complete the work in time.

While disqualifying several applicants, the employer may consider cross-checking his decision and provide a suitable reason for the rejection.


The hiring panel can be a mixture of diverse unbiased bunch, while hiring applicants and must look for a diversified group of people to ensure authenticity, innovativeness, team-building and effectiveness in an organization. New and creative method to hire need be adopted to enhance their employee’s talents and also to look at all the factors while hiring people. Diversified workforce brings in a new culture and utilization of potential minds facilitates dynamic solutions to the problems.

Strategies to mitigate bias!

Here are some useful suggestions for the employers which can be practiced to reduce unbiased behavior

  • Using more than one opinion to hire,
  • Structured or Unstructured interviews based on the requirement,
  • Restricted job description, maintaining authentic company rules,
  • Decision to hire an applicant after proper search on the behavior in their social life,
  • Change in the mindset of the panel not to be judgmental,
  • Assessing the ability of an applicant by making them solve a certain situation,
  • Recruiting diverse creative workforce.

Therefore, maintaining certain policies and transparency while hiring or rejecting creates not only professional outlook but also helps in building the brand image that will ultimately help in reducing unbiased factor.

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