Getting past a Job interview might be thrilling and frightening at the same time. Whether you’re applying for a part-time job or a permanent senior position, the entire process can unleash a flurry of emotional experiences like no other.

Here are 13 Emotional stages you’ll most probably relate to, with your Job hunting experience.

1. Cloud 9

You finally got that job interview lined-up after a seemingly endless wait and an uphill search; and you’re ecstatic!

2. Getting carried away 

You’re already thinking of what to do with your first Pay cheque, bragging about it to everybody and you almost posted it on facebook.

3. The Reasercher 

You wanna be sharp! You put into practice all of your Research skills to find stuff needed about this company from its foundation till the moment they called you in for an interview. And you’re just a step away from stalking the CEO facebook profile :D

4. Freaking out

There is no way you could memorize this tremendous amount of information. You’ll never be able to do it. You're even deliberating if you are Ready for the interview?

5. Oozing Confidence

After a good night's sleep, your confidence kicks in. You’re starting to prepare yourself diligently, practicing for all the plausible questions they might ask you. After all there is nothing you can’t do!

6. Nervous breakdown

Horrendous ideas spring to your mind. What if you screw up? Your life will never be the same again, everything will go off the track. Jobless, you’ll die of hunger!

7. Apprehension

You’re already thinking of the brilliant CVs your potential contenders might have. Judging from the Whatsapp DP of your evil interviewer, she will probably stop at nothing to take you down!

8. Over-Excitement

You can’t wait for the day of the interview. Your dress is ready, your shoes are polished and the crisp CV is all filed up. It’s your ultimate chance to showcase your talent. You’re picturing the impressed face of your interviewer.

9. Fear Struck 

You again feel like your future hinges upon this interview, all is at stake, it can either make you or break you!

10. Impatience

Now, you just want to get done with it already! It’s alrerady been 5 minutes waiting outside and the wait is killing you.

11. Master of Cramming    

You’re rehearsing for the interview all the time, everywhere, even while waiting to be called in. You’re obsessed! You practise in front of the mirror in the toilet, your friends, parents, very distant lost cousin, your oldster neighbour, while taking a shower, … 

12. The Moment of Truth    

They finally call you in for the interview, you're mentally playing"Eye of the tiger" and you're ready for whatever happens. 

13. Relief

It's over! You can finally breathe and relax.

Have you been through an emotional rollercoaster? Share your thoughts.


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