Aha! Valentine's Day 2022 is finally here and Covid restrictions are fading away. Of course she's special, being a "Recruiter" is a "Superpower". This is an absolute read to find who you're really dealing to build that awesome relationship.

📅 Ready for the date night?

Make sure you are dressed for the occasion and arrive 10 minutes early. Did you know that proper lighting and audio quality also matters? Obsessed with Zoom calls, she's going to be very observant of your etiquettes, on this meeting. Science reveals that 70% of one’s opinion about the person is formed in the first 10 seconds itself! And after the date, don't be pushy to check if she liked you; give her time to gather consensus from people who matter.

😵 She hates surprises!

Infact, it spooks her. Recruiters prefer people who are stable, loyal, and Predictable. If you've been a Casanova flipping relationships every few months, chances are she will ditch you.

A surprise may backfire and have serious consequences to the relationship. So, if you were planning that surprise gift tonight, be kind to yourself and involve her beforehand.

👩‍⚖️ You'll being Judged tonight.

For someone who listens to over 200 different stories & excuses every week, she can certainly read between the lines. Yup, she's judgemental as hell and pretty good at picking Red flags in your behaviour. So, be genuine and don't try to outsmart her.

🕵🔍 She already knows you!

Recruiters spend 78,352 minutes on the phone every year, slogging to find a candidate who’s most suitable for a particular job. From scouting on social media, to scrutinising & verifying their backgrounds, she would come prepared with your life history before you even know it. Be truthful and it should work out just fine.

🛒 She loves to Shop, but won't let you!

Might sound awkward, but she's had some bad experiences with people who go (Offer) shopping! She'll think you're greedy and without integrity. Just sit back and let her take the shopping decisions to hit a harmonious chord.

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👻 Please don’t "Ghost"!

Now that you know you are in a relationship after extensive research and effort, please empathise. Disappearing without notice, is her worst nightmare. Interestingly, while she may not immediately reveal her decision, she'll be eager to know your thoughts.  

🗣 You better start talking, all the time.

Remote working has wired her brain to 'Over communicate' for a gaining Trust. Texting may lead to miscommunication and misinterpretation. So, if a dinner date isn't possible, facetiming is a great way to express yourself.

She won't let go!

Well, not at least you've dated her for 90 days  (Magic number?). She'll be at her best in this phase, and you can expect routine calls to check on your welfare. Afterall, real 'pleasure' comes after some time "Commitment" to the relationship, to expect a good return of her efforts.

💍✅ If you haven't already, immediately Say "Yes".

She's come a long way to admire you but can be a bit paranoid until it's formal. You see there are many candidates who create a poor 1st impression by not responding to an offer. If that happens, she may suddenly lose interest in you, and go for that other (backup) guy.

Now that you know her better, get on with the date
💑 and have good fun. ❤️Thank me later!

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