As an employee, what would I consider while choosing to work in a company?

What would I do or what would I expect for me to continue in an organization?

Is it only my hard-work or the company’s ideals that motivates me to perform better?


Employees who are selected in a company are selected on the basis of their skill, their talent, on the basis of whether their skill-set is adequate for the job. It’s imperative that companies keep rewarding their hard-working employees with promotions,compensations or sudden bonuses . This will boost their work ethic in the long run. Engaged employees outperform disengaged employees by 20-28%


There are several ways that an employee can be encouraged to work harder for their firms. Having management development programmes for the growth of employees is progressive as well as having that ‘personal’ touch with each of the employees  which would make them contribute more to the organization.


Benefits of Having Happy Employees:-

  1. The wish to stay longer in the company increases.
  2. Work is completed without any delay.
  3. Bonding level increases


Few Points to keep in Mind are:-

  • It’s important that employees in a firm get a chance to keep their perspective or opinions on any matter. Taking their suggestions and implementing them shows good communication and increases the concept of ‘equity’ in the firm.
  • Making sure that employees are not overwhelmed with work by making sure that they come and leave at the assigned time, that they are given an equal work-life balance By doing this, employees are focused more on the work they are given and hence produce the required results. 
  • The Human Resource department consists of mainly extroverts as they deal with different types of people on a daily basis,  which is why it is important that they are the main mediators in the workplace. They are skilled to deal with disputes and difficulties.
  • Organisations should also keep a review of each employees working so that they can help those who are lacking behind and motivate the employees to do better.
  • Employees will only be contributing towards their workforce if they are treated well enough and they feel that the job their working as helps in boosting their career growth. 
  • When an employee finds room to grow in his/her job and is given creative liberty, they are more likely to want to stay with that firm.If they make them do the same thing then there is no room for growth and hence they won’t have the motivation to perform better.


Employee engagement remains a challenge for many companies

Have you ever asked yourself, just how many of the employees in my organization are really engaged? If you believe it is about half, you may actually be overestimating the number.But in this incredible time of competing pressures – demand for profitable growth, financial market volatility, political uncertainty, global shifts in workforce demographics and a rapidly shifting technology – a finer point must be put on that core engagement question. Leaders must ask themselves not only “what do employees need in order to be engaged?” but also “what behaviours are we asking them to engage in?”

Need a business case for employee engagement?

But why is employee engagement important to businesses? It’s simple: to make higher profits. Businesses with more engaged employees perform better. Need convincing? Need a business case for employee engagement?

  • Businesses with more engaged employees have 51% higher productivity
  • Businesses with higher engagement have 9% higher shareholder returns
  • Companies with the most effective employee communication have 47% higher shareholder returns over the last five years



Now we know how employees think and what they feel towards their work and their workplace and what measures are required to be taken. It’s obvious that any workplace needs their employees to be engaged in order to be successful, a point that is proven true by statistics. It is imperative that employees feel secure and happy at their job, or employers risk productivity and the success of their firm.


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