Data is difficult to manage, time-consuming to move and hard to maintain when it comes to the large industrial scale enterprises. It is regarded as massive, overwhelming and oceanic when discussions go untamed in the air.
What does the data say?
The study conducted by New Vantage Partners in between the year 2014-2016 represented the clear estimations of 1000 firms which were looking for the mammoth spending of more than $50 million on data led initiatives. It was almost shocking to see that the very next year came up with a quintupled aggregate of 5percent  to 25 percent.
Data is close to becoming the modern enterprise rather than being considered crucial for driving the enterprises around the global market. It becomes necessary to know if you are a data visionary or not and even more concerning when it comes to being at the top of the current needs which are data centric.
These factors can make you the next big star of an organization.

Do you think about data in a modern way?

Big Data TrendsYou have to be creative and revolutionary to drive proper solutions for assuring the flexibility of data which happens to be huge exponential chunks of worldwide performance and other criteria based information. In the earlier IT days, it was all about highly-valued transactional information as it had to be highly redundant, it became even more of a headache to store and manage them. There was also a constraint that organizations needed to keep the latest and the most readily available accessed data only.

Are you a solution expert?

Converting Data to revenueYou feel you have the ability to turn the data into possible revenue and can provide an opportunity for the firm to develop and implement new ways to generate profit. It can be understood as if you work for an automobile firm and observe a critical point where vehicle data could reduce driver insurance rates or maintenance costs while formulating new revenue streams for the firm at the very same time. It can be also seen as if you can envision the proper ways to counter the driving problems of the customers by observing their driving pattern data.
Do you hold good for legacy systems?

It is so good if you are aware of all the latest trends of the market and have a deep knowledge of the ongoing developments and achievements that not only make the work faster and efficient but also makes it fun and exciting but, it gives you an upper hand when you know the legacy systems in your data center holding invaluable business oriented data which can drive revenue and invite profit to empower the business structure of a company. It can be considered as one being away from the type who trashes the legacy systems and see them as another crucial data asset for an important push in the market.

You think outside the corporate barriers?

If you are experienced and skilled at minimizing barriers to sharing data and also keep a visionary attitude for the data which can be used outside the enterprise in a way to benefit the company which means you don’t even spare the data from outside the enterprise, from the supplier, reseller or government agency.

What is the future of Data Science?

Enterprise Data is going to be even bigger with time and if you haven’t started to think outside the box it is now the right time to start being away from the usual and to welcome the hidden prosperity for the upcoming future at work place.

What should a leader learn from this?

It is quite clear that data analysis has been inextricably entitled to benefit the growth and future plans of business dynamics and to be at the top of the competition it needs one to be a visionary and an individual who looks for solutions even in the discarded and the most abstract possibilities ever possible.
One needs to be having a good grasp over analyzing data from the past and the current to link it together for a decided future and should not let the creativity to be confined within corporate walls. It can be said that Data Analytics is the future of modern IT field which has a vast ocean of possibilities.
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