Working with colleagues at work can never be a silk road’s journey and there are times when getting in a feud with someone in the next chair is inevitable. Many times the feud can result in a long time rivalry or can even be a question upon one’s work attitude and collaborating factor. 
Feuds are not restricted to individuals, it is rather widely classified under segments so, before going further let us have a look at the anatomy of work feuds.
Feuds at workFeuds are a part of work environment and every organizational feud is of three types:
Interpersonal(involving individuals)
Interprofessional( ex-involving engineering and sales department within an organization)
Structural feuds( ex- organizational affiliation)

Interpersonal feuds are mostly dominant at work rather than inter-professional or structural feuds.

Situations like these can hinder performance and can also be viewed as a negative factor of one's personality.

The question is how one can stop indulging into a feud? But, before it needs one to understand how a feud arises? 
Feuds are the result of varying mentality and problems related to ego
The eagerness to outdo the Supreme makes the mind go berserk when failure comes to hands.
Continuous overtime and rigorous efforts often cause fatigue which is responsible for bad temper and          stupid arguments.
Carrying a Bubble-reputation is never advisable at work because it gives rise to interpersonal feuds.
Developing an alliance in work atmosphere is opposed by other alliances within the atmosphere. It              gives rise to a lack of co-operation.
Failing to report the feud to the management. 
Failing to introspect the changes which are needed to avoid prevailing feuds

These can be taken as the main cause for the reigning interpersonal feuds at work.
Let us have a look at what can be done to stop any interpersonal feud at work.
negotaition at work Participate in negotiations
Avoid impossible preconditions for negotiations
Avoid walking out of any discussion
Avoid attacks which consider character or humanity
Avoid establishing alliance for further escalation of feuds
Have a time for introspection to realize where the reason lies
Never step back from apologizing when having guilty
Never ignore the possibilities of ending a feud
If the feud is one-sided then the guilty side should consider ending it at any cost because in such cases          the feud is due to pride and prejudice
If the feud has gone way above being contained within work premises then never forget to report the            officials. It is advisable to report the management at the very beginning of any feud.

These steps can be followed to end, avoid or stop any feud from happening.
If you are being cornered in the work premises after following these steps then you should consider the management as soon as possible and should avoid maintaining any grudges and should work upon the facts to resolve any pertaining feuds as in such a situation things are all up to your circumstantial intelligence and the mentioned is advisable.
Feuds are never ideal for any work environment and are responsible for decreasing work quality and deviating the employees away from their dedication.
The management should also discover new ways to identify and quarantine any feuds within their work premises. 
Regular meetings should be held to bring the employees together
Every individual should be considered while generating reviews
Small practices like these can really help to overcome the problems related to feuds and can make the work atmosphere healthy and efficient.
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