After the recruitment, an important aspect that an HR professional relies upon is the onboarding process, which implies accommodating, accelerating and incorporating the new recruits into the environment, culture and procedures of an organization, which is a crucial factor in the process to develop any firm.

For a new employee, initial days in an organization and their ability to survive are regarded to have a great impact on the long-term performance. Orientation process proves to ease the barrier while making a path to connect the new recruits with the organizational culture, giving them a warm welcome; brief introductory sessions about the policies and assigning them important tasks. For an employee, it is essential to be a part of the firm while getting adjusted to the existing environment.

Every organization has its own set of policies and methodology for building the new recruits more competent in achieving the firm’s objectives. With the help of onboarding, a company can cut the costs and increase its value. The onboarding process can take place formally or informally depending upon the company’s requirements. Formal onboarding process implies the set of procedures that an employee is designated to follow. In terms of informal onboarding, the new employee is free from procedures and policies.

W. K. Kellogg, the founder of the 100-yearold Kellogg Company, famously said, “I’ll invest my money in people.” Kellogg uses new employee onboarding training, new manager assimilations, employee resource groups and a 30-60-90-day checklist.

Building confidence in an employee proves to be very useful for both short and long-term scenarios. With the lack of motivation, an employee’s performance seeks to decline; it has a direct effect on the company’s performance. Onboarding process implicates a role that an individual should perform. It is necessary to have the clarity of role, which improves the efficiency of work and reduces any disputes among the colleagues.

Integrating new employees into the firm is really a difficult task, as individuals belonging to different cultural backgrounds may not be easily adjusted. Socializing increases the job satisfaction while maintaining healthy employer-employee relationships. Certain factors may prove to be beneficial for a good start. Also, connecting and building a network with the team force assists in completing the tasks more efficiently while having clear and defined path to achieve the company goals.

The onboarding process has become beneficial for both the employee as well as for the company. A well-defined process should be developed that creates a good employee morale, saves time and effort, increases productivity, improves efficiency, focuses on retention and reduces the turnover. The Onboarding process is more than presenting the information of the company, the new hires brought up in a way to be more productive in their following tasks. Poor performance may arise where the company lacks in building challenges for growth and development.

Often companies have a fear to lose the new recruits, to avoid encountering such situations, the new recruits are motivated to develop their credentials, to cope with the firm’s structure while the training session lasts for a period of 3- 12 months. Support from the HR professionals proves to be beneficial in providing proper guidance to learn and grow in an organization.

Many firms lack in proper feedback, which is a major drawback while a decent HR system builds proper feedback before, during and after the onboarding process to reduce any disagreements. New recruits coming in can be guided to gain more knowledge, have an accurate instruction, and clarify questions. It is necessary for the new employees to have proper guidance and build the self-confidence, which is a key factor for the success of any organization.

The employee onboarding process is as important as recruiting, training and development while it drives the firm in building the foundation for a productive workforce, maintains a systematic framework to eradicate time wastage and enhances the performance.

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