The first generation to be completely born in the 21st century, the children of millennials and siblings of Gen Y, the screenagers – the next generation in line is none other than Generation Alpha!

Named after the first letter of Greek Alphabets, Gen Alpha comprises people born between 2010 and 2024. Born to digital technology, it is considered that this generation would be the wealthiest and the most educated generation of people that the society has ever seen.

Like all other generations born before, Gen Alpha will also disrupt the workforce. So it becomes imperative for us to understand how our future colleagues, clients, or employees are going to impact the workplace.

Let’s have a look at what will likely change for the next generation workforce -

Working Flexibility

Whether it’s 2 AM or 10 PM, from a restaurant while having lunch or from a beach while enjoying, this generation would desire the ability to work anytime and from anywhere.

Technology over human connection

Gen Alpha is growing up using voice technologies such as Siri and Alexa. They started studying using digital devices. Most of their toys are digital. This digital first component would most likely impact how they work. The way they collaborate in the future would be highly tech based. This generation would want information instantly. So, it’s likely that phone calls and e-mails might become traditional methods of communication for them. And of course, they will expect to have artificially intelligent personal assistants made available to them while they work.

Mental Health Support at work would be a must

Constantly being connected is likely to create stress for this generation and they will seek and would need mental health support wherever they choose to work.

Diversity and Equality

This generation is growing up in a world focused on equality and diversity. So, they will not give enough importance to racial indifferences, income inequality etc. Equality for all would be extremely normal for them.  

Tech is like the fifth element of nature for them

While we were born with pacifiers in front of us, this generation was born with screens in front of them.  They are so accustomed to instant response and interaction that they will expect the same at work too.

Artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, coding – they are learning all of these just by watching online videos. So, continuous technology disruption and innovation is something that we can expect from Gen Alpha.

Keeping them motivated would be difficult

They are born to parents who change careers more often, move houses more often, and prefer the urban lifestyle. So, it’s likely that this generation will move in and out of employment, prefer gigs, periods of self-learning, and free time. It will thus become difficult to understand how to keep them motivated enough at work.

Given these points, organizations in the future would need to ensure an innovative and healthy culture at work, strong focus on diversity and equality and complete tech enablement. Things will also change a lot in terms of compensation and rewards. They would want a more customized employee experience, benefits that go beyond financial rewards, and holistic well-being comprising social, mental, and emotional parameters.

This generation has seen what it is like growing up in a pandemic, they are living in an age where technology is almost everywhere, they are seeing the remote work experiment coming to life, and all of this when the maximum aged Gen Alpha is just 10! All of this is bound to shape their attitudes and behaviors as and when they enter the workforce in the future.

Gen Alpha is still young, so a lot of things still remain unclear about them. But there is a famous saying that the best way to understand someone is to put yourself into their shoes. We can’t wait for them to grow up and then prepare ourselves for the change. It’s a continuous journey, a journey that we need to take with them. So, once in a while, do put on a screenager’s hat, and see the world as they see it!

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