Do you have a boss 😈 who's Evil? Too tired to of a toxic relationship with your boss? Or are you a victim of a workplace bully? Whatever be the situation you can’t leave the battleground in the middle.

"People quit bosses, not companies."

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Having a toxic boss can make your work life hell. Their constant nagging, controlling nature and always picking on can be quite demotivating for an employee. If this is not less, they sometimes even take credit for your work. Working with such a boss can become a hurdle for your career. So, it’s time for you to turn the tables.

Its only human! Having an ideal boss is quite rare. Every person has some flaws and so do you :). So, 
being too hard on your boss is not fair! Before judging your own boss, you should first assess the situation or the reason for his/ her behavior. And if you still feel your boss is a hard nut to crack. Then you need to be smart enough to mold this situation in your favor.

Here are some smart ways to dodge & transform these situations

1 Focus on your job

You cannot control your boss’s behavior. However, you can always focus on your job. Try to complete all the duties and responsibilities assigned to you. Never let disagreements or bad rapport with your boss affect your work. Your work should speak for itself about how deserving you are.

2 Understand your boss

It’s important to know why your boss is particular about certain things as it will give you more clarity and understanding of what’s important to him. And ensure that you make that a priority for yourself. You can also arrange a personal meeting with your boss to understand him/her better. These all efforts can help you to understand his behavior and then you try to change your behavior so that it is in line with your behavior. This can be a gamechanger for you.

3 Try to be one step ahead

Anticipate your boss’s demands or orders and try to complete them before your boss asks you. Your promptness will reduce micromanagement and build confidence in the relationship.

4 Don’t try to fix your boss

Sometimes we have a strong urge to correct others. But don’t forget he/ she is your boss and you must resist the urge and try to adapt yourself to the situation. Unless, you have confident of a cordial reaction.

5 Avoid triggering your boss

If your boss has anger issues then try to identify what all things trigger him and try to avoid those things which cause him. This will help you to create a professional bond with your boss and develop mutual understanding.

6 Communication & feedback

If you really feel you are unnecessarily getting targeted then seek an exclusive time slot to discuss it with the boss. Calmly communicate how you feel and what makes you feel that way, while being open to advise and consultation. Understaning the other's perspective can not only resolve the problem but help develop a strong bond.

7 Learn from your peers

It will be amazing if you make some good work relationships with your colleagues at your workplace as it will create a healthy working environment. Never bad mouth your boss but sometimes collegaues can give you insights about the nature and ways of your boss that can spell magical. Analyse how they manage a great relationship and how you're can also be equally productive.

8 Is it time to leave?

If the situation is uncontrollable, despite all attempts, perhaps it's time to move on. Remember, a sustained toxic relationship affects both parties and primary obligation of managing the relationship is yours. If you really can't stop thinking and it’s affecting you in more ways, then look for alternate opportunities. When you leave, be your best so future references are always available.

Things change. Who knows, the boss changes and you're back for a second stint. Afterall, you can never say never!

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