“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
We all dream of a millionaire like life where we are surrounded by luxuries and temptations. But only few out of billion are able to make it up to that level. Those few are just the same like us but with a difference that instead of dreaming to be an expert, they started being a beginner. This initial stage is provided by the ON campus Placements. 
On campus placements 

On campus placements is the program conducted within the colleges or educational institutions to provide the students a common place for seeking their jobs. It is generally conducted in the final year and a student has to undergo three to four rounds to finally secure a decent job. The rounds may be online or offline consisting of an aptitude test, group discussions, personal interviews, etc. But now the question is, why are on campus placements worshipped by the students?


  • Saves Time and energy: Company comes near to you so you no need to travel to the company or where the drive takes place. This saves time, money and energy of the students. No much prior preparation is required on the students part.
  • Limited Competition: Instead of competing with the entire community, we have to compete with a lesser number of people who we are more familiar with. Students are aware of the goods and evils of their competitors so they can make an estimate of the chances of being recruited.
  • Not many efforts required: College has to take the efforts to arrange the dates and look after the opportunity available and the students have to just dress up, carry their right attitude and aptitude and walk into the room.
  • Higher success probability: The success ratio is higher because if the college shares a good rapport with the company; it seeks more than a handful of deserving candidates and provides them with a handsome salary. This step provides a good start to the career.
  • Ensured recruitment: Company feels a little pressure of recruiting the candidates as the placement drive has been organized in the campus. They cannot go empty handed as it wastes the time of the college and the students.

  • Partiality: Generally the so called “good” colleges attract better companies as compared with the ones which do not possess a good fame. But the quality of the students is the same in both of them. For eg. At IIT Delhi, 102 companies visited with total of 342 offers which is quite a large number but at small colleges, hardly 5-10 companies make an occasional visit.
  • Late joining: The companies might give the confirmation but sometimes the joining comes even a year after graduation and that leads a student’s mind towards fear and frustration. For eg: Infosys, Wipro, etc are mass recruiters who recruit the students but isn’t necessary that it would provide them with the offer letters.
  • Limited Opportunities: Just a limited number of companies arrive at the college, hence a student gets restricted with them. Out of thousands of companies, only 50-60 arrive on an average. Thus, students cease thinking beyond them.
  • Fear of rejection: The ones who aren’t selected survive a wave of rejection and depression. It becomes tough for them to console their parents as all of their friends get recruited and they are left alone, which ultimately pinches them. To add to their wounds, relatives and neighbours frustrate them.

Off Campus Placements 

On the contrary are off campus placements which have their own charm but are comparatively difficult to crack. Pool Campus drive and Off Campus placements are organized by the colleges and various good universities. Students who are newly passed out and couldn’t secure a place in the on campus placements or want a better opportunity participate in it. In simple words, any college students who keep eligibility which demanded by the company can participate in the placement drive. Generally, companies like HP, HCL, Accenture, Webyog, IBM, etc. conduct their own off campus drives. It comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • Diverse Options: It provides more diverse opportunities as the students are not restricted with some particular companies. They can think of applying in all the companies according to their capabilities. Companies like HP, HCL come with excellent opportunities for students.
  • Self satisfaction: The internal satisfaction which is achieved by securing an off campus placement cannot be described in words. This is because it has been secured without the help and guidance of the college and without any recommendation.
  • Better Knowledge: You will have more technical knowledge, courage and communication skills as you secure a position or a job completely on you won capability.
  • Early Joining: Better salaries or packages are expected and joining comes immediately. The company participates in the drive when it is serious about recruitment; hence it gives an early joining to the recruited. This saves time and students get highly motivated to work better.

  • Tedious: One has to keep itself updated about the dates and place of the placement drive and has to make sure to reach there on time. They have to manage things on their own justice and no guidance is provided.

  • Increased competition: One has to compete with thousands of different people which certainly increase the competition level. The main thing is that they have no idea about their competitors, hence cannot estimate the chances of their recruitment.
  • Limited chances: The Company isn’t bound to select or recruit a candidate and may put up a next drive if they don’t get a suitable candidate. This might lead to the wastage of money, time and energy of the student.
  • Grilling: Company asks for more and grills you at the interviews. Since they know nothing about your background, they will double assure about your intelligence. They will ask you plenty of questions as no one has issued them your character certificate.
  • Experience: They generally ask for an experience which most of us do not possess. The candidate gets perplexed between, “need experience for job, need a job for experience.” They need a job to get experience so it isn’t right on the part of the companies to ask for the experienced ones.

Both have their own pros and cons and are better in their way as long as we get a job. A talented and hard working individual proves to be equally good at both the places. In short, “If on campus placements are good for a job; off campus placements are better for life.”
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