As a new session begins a number of job vacancies are led out by companies. Each job role advertised demands a certain level of educational qualification and skill sets. According to a recent data, there were 24,593,321 students enrolled in Bachelor’s programs in various disciplines across India in 2016 (source: DrEducation).

Mostly graduates do go ahead and work while some continue further studies. Sometimes the companies that go for on-campus placements do hire a large number of freshers. But, problem arises when a graduate or a postgraduate or anyone with any level of education applies for a job for the first time off-campus. Most of the organizations look for work experience even for entry level positions. It can’t be denied that the people with more number of years of experience are definitely more worthy depending on the post and the level of expertise that is demanded but, if you don’t at all hire a fresher from where will she/he garner the work experience at all. There will be some work definitely in any organization where a fresher can be of value. Here are 10 reasons why freshers must be hired often.
1. They are just out of college and thus, remember studies quite well

They have fresh knowledge. All the formulas and theories haven’t been completely forgotten. So, they will be fast in grasping the work needed to be done. For example, if you are hiring a data analyst, she/he may have the latest techniques in memory and can apply them to solve problems quicker than someone else who has been away from education for a while. These updated skills work in favour of your organization. They will have the latest techniques in hand. Thus, they will help be more in tune with the contemporary demands.

2. They are economical
While they do understand that they need to demand a certain salary for the work they are doing, but they are not much salary focused. They remember that they need to learn work too so they are ready for negotiations. They don’t always keep their focus on money. They work to gain experience because it’s their first job. They will be less demanding. They also make sure that they get good feedback. So, they do really good work and salary comes next to them. Pay is not the only requirement for them so, they can be quite inexpensive for you.
3. You get to mould them the way you want
Remember you are the first ever organization that they are working for so they will definitely try to learn as much as they can. So you can easily blend in your work culture and brand value to them. They have no experience with work and hence they don’t have a set way to do things. This will be advantageous for you as it’s much easier than training someone to eliminate the already held beliefs and habits. Hence, make sure you imbibe the necessary discipline and work procedure in them.
4. They are enthusiastic

They bring energy to your workplace. They are new and have fresh perspectives. They are always hungry to learn more and want to make some difference. You can definitely make some great work done by them if you know how to direct this energy in the correct way. They don’t hesitate to work more. But, the work given to them should be relevant to what they expect. Else they may develop hatred towards your organization which is totally not good. So, extract as much as you can from them and be assured to get some good quality work.
5. They are non-judgmental.
They are young and this is their first job so they do their best to give everything to it. They aren’t yet a part of any groups. So they may not be much aware of the dirty office politics. Thus, they will always give you an unbiased perspective on any matter. Try to make the most of their genuine nature. They are also the ones who are going to be the least affected by rumours. This is beneficial as it ensures that they concentrate all their energy on the work at hand and on nothing else. They are still in the process of knowing everyone so they may not be that attached to any single person in the office. Thus, the work that they do will be authentic and original.
6. Keep them for a few days/months just as a sort of test.

If you are really worried about the newcomers being able to make valuable contributions for the betterment of your company, then, give them a temporary position in the starting. Also, state this to them explicitly before the work begins so that if you are unhappy with their performance and decide to drop them after a few months, they don’t hesitate to leave. This is a kind of flexible
approach and it is recommended. Usually during the training period it’s easier to know what the fresher is good at and what she/he lacks. Conduct some exams every once in a while during this temporary period to assess where exactly they stand.

7. They are likely to promote your company the most

Freshers tend to discuss with their friends often, regarding who got a job and where or what are the tasks that each one of them does. So, they will easily spread a word about your company to a lot many people. It’s a very good way of networking. The more people know about the organization, the more the profit. Make sure you represent the organization in a good light before them always. This way they will always talk good about the organization and your reputation will increase. If you want to spread some information through them, then, you can have a chat and discuss the same with them. They will definitely let it spread to the correct channels.
8. They are more willing to take risks
They are just out of college and mostly have no serious responsibilities on their shoulder. So, they will probably take more risks. Most opportunities lie at the end of a risk and nothing grows in a comfort zone. Also, sometimes experts hesitate to take unnecessary risks which freshers never mind taking. But, don’t think that they will make rash decisions. They very well understand that if the risk taken proves to be a failure then it needs management. They do remain alert for the same. Mostly success lies at the end of a risk that is successfully handled. Thus, they can bring a lot of rewards and value to your company.
9. They adapt to latest technology pretty fast
The ever growing numbers of smartphones with the latest features have made the younger generation learn new advances in technology as quickly as it is out. They know everything about the new apps that are out. They will even have the knowledge of the recent products that people often prefer. This can be of great use for any company. Usually, it is tough to make people (who don’t know about new technology) learn and then apply it. But, the younger generation comes with the necessary knowledge already. They actively learn about the latest gadgets. Also, freshers most likely will understand the evolving consumer behaviour because it will relate a lot to their current lifestyle too. Thus, this natural ability of being involved with the latest trends is highly beneficial for any organization.
10. They will most likely stay for a long time
Remember you are the one they will look upto for motivation and inspiration. They are getting all the guidance about the world of work, first hand from you. And also as they are freshers they themselves take necessary precautions not to mess things up at the workplace. They will also be aware of the fact that constantly shifting from one organization to another doesn’t reflect consistency on their part. They will never take any step that will prove to be detrimental for their career in the long run. Thus, if you make sure you engage well with them in the correct way they will definitely stay in the company for a long time being an integral part of your growth story.

Thus, freshers are the leaders of tomorrow. It is true that not all of them possess the skill set that you desire, but it would be wrong to say that they will be of no value. How about learning from them? Know them and understand them. Do they have some skills which you have never heard of? Why not incorporate those skills in your work by designing a new position for the same? You maybe the first organization out there in doing so and that will work in your favour. Thus, nurture these talents and recruit them for a fresh vibe in your company.
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