For several hundred years, knowledge and expertise has been dissipated and handed down from generation to generation for the greater good. One approach to this knowledge transfer is through mentorship, where one individual with greater expertise imparts his knowledge and experience in a certain field  with another individual who is in constant communication and seeks further advice. History has seen even the greatest of men have mentors whether it be Socrates and his mentor Plato, Albert Einstein and Max Talmey, Michael Jordan and Dean Smith or Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs.
Mentorship is an association between two individuals (mentor and mentee) typically working in a comparative field or having comparable encounters. It is a useful relationship in view of shared trust and regard.

Significance of Mentorship

Michael Jordan and Dean Smith
Mentoring today is seen to create beneficial results which has led to several organizations adopting the mentor-mentee model to help new recruits learn and establish themselves quicker while giving senior members a chance to be a role-model and eventually take up senior leader positions at the firm.
When done right, coaching and mentoring gives workers a better approach to associate, learn and develop inside the organization and  develop on a personal level too.

Mentoring includes blending experienced experts with representatives that could utilize help adjusting to nature and culture of the working environment. This can incorporate matching a guide with new representatives to enable them to subside into the environment and get off to a great start. Coaching frequently comes in play when another representative or current worker can benefit from individual direction on employment obligations, procedures or duties. Independent companies can likewise utilize coaches to help create new leaders who can then go on to become role-models in different departments of the organization.

The Advantages of Mentoring at the Workplace

Mentoring programs and on-going mentor support are common forms of professional development regimes seen in most modern organizations today. A mentor might be another representative of the organization or she might be an expert from outside of the organization. In either case, the mentor is a good example who shares learning and guidance to enable the worker to develop professionally. 

Advantages to the Employee
A worker benefits from a mentoring relationship since he has somebody with more prominent experience to counsel with and gain experience. This reduces the learning curve that the employee will have to go through and make less mistakes due to his/her mentor’s insights. A mentorship may enable a worker to feel less confined at work as well, and urge him to cooperate more with others. A mentor can furnish a worker with tips on vocation development and acquaint the representative with different experts. 

Advantages to the Employer
Businesses with mentoring programs benefit in several ways as they enable new hires learn, adapt and grow in their new environment. While mentors also gain expertise of teaching and successfully guiding individuals along a journey eventually transforming them into professionals. Businesses may likewise see fewer turnovers of representatives as labourers feel a more empowered and dedicated to the organization due to the value they receive. An organization may even utilize its mentoring system to draw in new representatives.

Advantages to the Mentor
Mentors pick up from the mentoring relationship, as well. The chance to educate or encourage others can expand the mentor's certainty and possess work fulfilment. The mentor is required to tune in to the worries of the representative and may build up a superior comprehension of worker issues and more grounded relational abilities. Regardless of the possibility that a mentored worker leaves the organization, the mentor and mentee may keep up the association.

Mentoring in the work environment can have long haul benefits as workers turn out to be more self-coordinated, make sound business decision and  think critically. Overall, the firm would benefit with a more informed workforce who are constantly learning and adapting to a dynamic business environment through senior expertise. 
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